“The image, color, and affirmation elevated my practice so much!!!” -Kelsie K., Professional Dancer & Yogi

“The most inspiring, SUPER GRIPPY mat I’ve ever used!” -Crystal S., Professional Dancer & Yogi

“It’s light as a feather but can still absorb my intense yoga practice and all the sweatiness that it entails.” -Whitney A., 17 year Yoga instructor

“Velvety soft!! And the more I sweat, the better it got!” -Elaine M., Yogi

“Each mat is a work of art with a beautiful mantra to remind you how GREAT you are!” -Kamala M., owner of Yoga Galactica, Los Angeles


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  • Beautifully crafted yoga mat designed to enhance your practice with non-slip natural rubber bottom and vegan suede top that protects your joints and strengthens your soul. Perfect for all types of yoga (especially hot yoga) and fitness!

    Measurements: 72 X 24"; 3.5mm thickness

    Top Layer: Vegan micro-suede
    Bottom: Natural tree rubber

    My Soul Mat will be shipped with love within 3 business days.
    • Vegan, ultra absorbent micro suede top
    • Chemical free, water based inks
    • Made with 100% natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles = eco friendly!
    • Black canvas carry strap included!
  • My Soul Mat is easily washable! You can machine wash on gentle cycle OR simply combine water with 2-4 drops of tea tree oil and spray. Then hang to dry. That's it!

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