30% Site Wide + FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - Use Code FREESHIP18

30% Site Wide + FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - Use Code FREESHIP18

30% Site Wide + FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - Use Code FREESHIP18

30% Site Wide + FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - Use Code FREESHIP18


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We are so grateful for you and wanted to use this space to include your love notes and reviews about My Soul Mat! Namaste. 

This video is everything and features our Abundance mat! Watch...



"Two main reasons I love this mat: durability - the stickiness is unmatched; and the gorgeous mat itself - I LOVE stepping on and seeing this affirmation! TWO THUMBS UP! The BEST mat I ever used!"


"I absolutely love my 'Grateful' mat from My Soul Mat! I love that it’s so lightweight and beautiful. It’s light as a feather but can still absorb my intense yoga practice and all the sweatiness that it entails. This mat is awesome because I can sweat all over it, and it only makes the grip function better! I no longer have to bring an extra large towel with me to practice, the mat does all the work of a towel, but so much more streamlined.

Another reason I really love this mat is because I often do my yoga outside, and My Soul Mat can be in direct sun without burning up my feet! Also, the vivid colors and the powerful affirmations are so uplifting! I carry the message with me throughout the day. All my other yoga mats are gathering dust – – this is my go-to mat from now on!" 

-Whitney Allen, yoga instructor for over 17 years 



"I used this mat during today's practice and holy moly it was the most comfortable mat I've ever used! Velvety soft!! And the more I sweat, the better it got! I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thank you a million times for this beauty!"
-Elaine M., Yogi
"So excited to be carrying these mats at Yoga Galactica (@yoga.galactica)! They are made with so much love! Each one is a work of art with a beautiful mantra to remind you how GREAT you are. I am in LOVE! My mat has always been a sacred space, and now I have a SACRED MAT!! Thank you!"
-Kamala Mathis, Yogi and owner of Yoga Galactica, Los Angeles
"So I just took yoga class for the firs time with My Soul Mat, and I am NOT just saying this.. IT IS THE BEST YOGA MAT I HAVE EVER USED. I can't believe how amazing it was. Everything and not only the logistics of it, but the image, color, and affirmation elevated my practice so much!!!"
-Kelsie K., Professional Dancer and Yogi
"Thank you for my OMazing mat! You totally, completely, absolutely captured my essence with the I Am Magical mat!! I LOVE it!"
-Kathy K., Yoga Influencer, Phoenix, AZ
"Doing yoga on 'Dreamer' from My Soul Mat has changed my life!!!! I will forever use their mats and I am so excited for my next one to arrive in the mail along with my hubby's!!! 5+++++ stars! You do NOT need a yoga towel- these are designed for hot yoga and has completely upgraded my practice!"
-Megan C, Yoga Love and Practitioner
"Seriously obsessed with your mat! I love it so much!"
-Lindsey Brooke F., Charlotte, NC