“The image, color, and affirmation elevated my practice so much!!!” -Kelsie K., Professional Dancer & Yogi

“The most inspiring, SUPER GRIPPY mat I’ve ever used!” -Crystal S., Professional Dancer & Yogi

“It’s light as a feather but can still absorb my intense yoga practice and all the sweatiness that it entails.” -Whitney A., 17 year Yoga instructor

“Velvety soft!! And the more I sweat, the better it got!” -Elaine M., Yogi

“Each mat is a work of art with a beautiful mantra to remind you how GREAT you are!” -Kamala M., owner of Yoga Galactica, Los Angeles


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Before we can send love out into the world, we must first send it to ourselves. Self love is one of the hardest things to truly accomplish- the struggle is real! But it doesn’t have to be...

My sister and I created My Soul Mat because a lot of times, we would get lost in our yoga classes. For us, we thought yoga would be a source of instant inspiration. We were wrong. It was hard to keep our mental hands from meddling in the previous days worries or the future’s “what if’s”. We didn’t have anything to focus on during our Vinyasa poses- white walls, sweaty classmates, blank mat.

Now up until this point in our lives, we’ve found that using positive affirmations, especially during meditation, has been extremely beneficial! We’ve literally manifested amazing circumstances into our lives by using them, repeating them. There were times when we didn’t know what job was next or how we were going to come up with next month’s rent or if moving across the country was a good idea (true stories)! “I am the creator of my Universe”, “I am prosperous in everything I do” or “I see with love. I think with love. I am love.” They all helped us, so much. And of course the answer doesn’t come right away. Trusting that everything happens on Divine time and letting The Universe work it’s magic was something we had to learn the hard way. But spirituality is about growing. When we learn and experience things for ourselves, we grow.

Back to yoga- getting rid of the mental clutter was our biggest problem, especially in such a practice that has brought spirituality and healing to the masses! If we had something inspiring to focus on, it would be much easier to accomplish quieting the mind.

Inspiration, to us, is when something moves you and stays with you. Our creation is more than a mat you roll out for an hour. It’s a feeling you carry with you from our vivid images. It’s knowing the mantras, repeated throughout the day, will lift your vibration. One thing we’ve learned on my spiritual journey is that turning a negative thought into a positive one, calms you instantly. This is when your love for yourself becomes greater than your desire to, for example, flip off the driver that just cut you off in traffic. Learning to love ourselves helps dissolve the instant anger propelled by another’s actions. In truth, it dissolves the ego.

This is My Soul Mats true mission: to learn to love the expression of who we are. By combining magnificent colors, images and most importantly, positive affirmations, (we hope) brings you inspiration that resonates with your soul.




We are proud to say that our mats are eco-friendly, VEGAN, and made without any harsh chemicals or dyes. Our images are printed with water-based colors so there is no strong odor.

The printing process is completed by heat transfer sublimation, free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, phthalates. There is also no PVC or chlorine used. Our fabrics are UV resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor use!

My Soul Mat was designed with a sweaty practice in mind. As avid yogis, we have used yoga mats that were only made of rubber or vinyl for years! We used yoga towels for sweat, and our mats were even MORE slippery as the towel was a separate moving piece from the actual mat. ICK! Our solution: we created a yoga mat with a super absorbent top layer made with micro-suede from recycled plastic bottles and a bottom layer from 100% natural tree rubber. The more you sweat with My Soul Mat, the better your grip! No extra towel needed here!

**Please note: our micro fiber top may be slippery upon your first few uses under dry conditions. We recommend spritzing your mat lightly with water before your class. For added bliss, use a few drops of your favorite essential oils in your spray bottle and take your class to a whole new level!